Double Decker Tumble Dryers

Double Decker Tumble Dryers

  • Double decker design halves the space requirement
  • Efficient drying mechanism with proprietary design
  • Online inspection possible with clear barrier structure

Pharmagel’s proprietary Tumble Dryer extracts more water from the softgel capsules compared with existing one row tumble dryers, thus reducing the drying time in the drying chambers and also the total plant area occupied by the drying chambers. This is dependent on machine speed and type of products produced. This gentle movement of the tumblers prevents damage to capsules.

Assurance of high quality and yield is made possible with optimization technologies from Pharmagel and ACG-Pam’s extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Tumbler dryers are offered as standalone units or in combination with GK and HT softgel encapsulation lines.


  • Installation on U-shape
  • Open top by gas spring
  • Baskets complete disassembly possible for easy cleaning
  • Detail inspection hole
  • Holding trolley for four mini-baskets