FPC3 - EL| Flow wrapping Machine

FPC3 - EL | Flow wrapping Machine

  • Pillow packing for primary packages and pharma products.
  • Speeds upto 120 m/min
  • automatic splicer minimizes operation downtime

The FPC3 - EL is a Horizontal high speed wrapping machine for pharmaceutical and allied products in fin seal (pillow pack). Various combinations of feeder systems allow versatility in secondary packaging. The FPC3EL is based on a robust flow wrapping technology, coupled with a variety of servo controlled feeding system combinations. These combinations can be retro-fitted to customize the machine for specific applications. All electrical and electronic components are located in a separate switch cabinet. The machine is easy to operate via a touch screen and has excellent accessibility for operation and cleaning. The FPC3 - EL can be supplied with specific feeding systems for direct synchronisation to the production lines. A combination with downstream packaging machines is also possible.

  • Combination of feeder systems to pack multiple elements in a single pack
  • Two or three-stage longitudinal sealing device for cold or heat sealing
  • Discharge chute or discharge conveyor with separate drive
  • Ejecting device for faulty packs