Gamma GK Softgel Encapsulation Lines by Pharmagel


  • Horizontal high-speed wrapping machine for preformed products in pillow pack
  • Servo control for infinitely variable adjustment
  • Quick and simple size change
  • High filling efficiency of the feeding plate

FPH2 is a horizontal high-speed wrapping machine for hard candies and other preformed products in fin seal (pillow pack). The standard machine is equipped with a sorting station to eliminate sugar dust and chips, a wrapping material feeding system with two reel holders and automatic splicer, and a product discharge chute with separation gate to eliminate spliced products. An efficient feeding is achieved by means of a feeding plate. Three pairs of sealing rollers for the longitudinal seam, as well as a cross sealing unit guarantee absolutely tight packs.

  • Automatic splicer and stringent quality control mechanisms
  • Tooth conveyor transmission drives
  • All electrical and electronic components are located in a separate switch cabinet
  • Multi-packs (up to 5 - preferably round or ball-shaped - products) are possible
  • All guards and the control panel are in stainless steel