Securefill  | Containtment Capsule Filling Line

Securefill | Containtment Capsule Filling Line

  • Suitable for highly potent formulations
  • Operational Exposure Limit (OEL) up to OEL 5 correlating to band of less than 1 µg/day
  • Isolator structure including RTP ports, HEPA filters, Glove ports, and accurate dosing mechanisms
  • 'No Capsule-No Slug' feature reduces formulation loss and dusting
  • Speeds from 6,000 to 40,000 capsules per hour

As new drugs with superior potency are being developed to fight diseases, personnel working with these compounds are exposed to risky environments.

Securefill is an innovative high-containment capsule-filling solution for processing highly potent substances. Specially designed to prevent any surface and air borne contamination coming out of the machine, Securefill eliminates contact between the operator and formulation. Thereby, reducing the risk involved in the complex and often unreliable protective methods.

Built in with automated processes, Securefill ensures complete isolation from potent substances during operation, maintenance as well as cleaning. In addition, ACG-Pam's patented technology, ZRO, can be employed in Securefill for better yield and minimum dusting.


  • Suitable for highly potent and toxic formulations requiring an Operational Exposure Limit (OEL) levels of up OEL 5
  • Specially designed to achieve minimal leftover
  • Capable of filling tablets and pellets under containment conditions
  • 'No Capsule-No Slug' feature reduces formulation loss and dusting
  • ZRO technology ensures entrapment of dust within the dosing tub
  • Fully assessed one piece, integrated leak proof isolator
  • Negative pressure up to 60 Pascal (Pa) during filling
  • Provision for Rapid Transport Port (RTP) in order to transfer tools and material into pharma zone
  • HEPA filters with bag-in bag out features for containment compliance