Metal  Detector

MD | Metal Detector

  • Upward conveying of tablets/capsules generated by continuously adjustable vibration.
  • Air flow system is an optimized combination of blow air and vacuum dust extraction.
  • Highly effective dust removal and hence quality dedusting and deburring
  • Detection of all types of metals
  • Ensure high quality levels by removing contaminated capsules

The Deduster is provided in line with the metal detector for producing the best quality tablets.

With a Modular Helix concept the deduster ensures optimum dedusting and deburring of tablets. The Metal Detector detects minute particles of metal - both ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel - in filled capsules. The system interacts with the automatic capsule-filling machine, stopping it automatically and ensuring defective capsules are ejected via the exit chute.


  • High quality dedusting and deburring with Helix concept
  • 100% online metal detection
  • High-sensitivity to all metals, including non-magnetic stainless steel
  • All contact parts are manufactured with approved material