SE 200

SE 200 | Sorter Elevator

  • High-speed allows it to keep pace with the output of your capsule-filling machine
  • Lesser space in a plant layout and far less energy consumption
  • No machine stoppage as only good capsules reach the capsule-filling machine

SE 200 is a device that is connected to the automatic capsule-filling machine’s capsule hopper. It sorts out diametrically defective capsules ensuring a continuous feed of sorted capsules and eliminating machine stoppages. Catering to the needs of small-scale drug manufacturers, the SE 100 is a sorter elevator with smaller output capabilities of up to 120,000 capsules per hour.


  • Small footprint machine, occupying very little space
  • Sorts out diametrically defective capsules
  • Output of up to 220,000 capsules per hour, depending on the capsule-filling machine