AF-T Lab | Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (Lab Model)

AF-T Lab | Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (Lab Model)

  • Output up to 6000 capsules per hour
  • Versatile tamping mechanism for powder filling
  • Flexibility to fill granules, pellets, beads, tablets, and softgels
  • Scale up to AF25T with easy kit replacement
  • Ergonomic design with ease of access enables easy cleaning
  • Small foot print ideal for laboratories
  • Intuitive interface for control of the machine
  • Technical support with formulations team and empty capsules from ACG

AF-T Lab is a fully-automatic capsule-filling machine that's suitable for laboratories. It ensures greater flexibility to experiment various combinations of dosage forms such that resultant formulations are production-line ready.

It is one-of-its-kind machine which allows any four sizes of the capsules with a single format part. Not only does this simple changeover saves time and efforts, but also enables the scaling-up of the development process without any modification in formulations.


  • Fully-automatic capsule-filling machine for R&D labs
  • Single format part allowing experiments with up to four capsule sizes
  • Easy and quick changeover
  • Up to 6,000 capsules per hour (for powder filling); up to 5,000 capsules per hour (for pellet filling)
  • Optimizing of process parameters that can be used in larger scale machines
  • Also available with capabilities for multiple dosage combinations such as powders, tablets, pellets & more
  • One set of changeparts can be used for 4 different sizes of capsules
  • Capable of filling capsules of all sizes from 000 to 5 and Clinicaps