Tabsule | Gel Enrobed Tablet Technology

  • Increases yield to up to 99%
  • Reduces cleaning times by up to 50%
  • Weight variation of up to + 3-4%
  • Offers best-in-class TCO and OEE

Several studies conducted across the world have indicated that consumers prefer gel-enrobed tablets or tabsules over ordinary tablets. To meet this specific need, ACG Pam developed an innovative technology that enrobes a tablet into a high-gloss gelatin cover. What it means for you? Increased patient compliance owing to distinct appearance, thus pushing up drug effectiveness and product sale.

The Tabsule 40, developed using ACG's proprietary technology, helps enrobe the tablet creating single or two-toned colour dosage. A cost-effective solution, the Tabsule 40 allows in-house manufacturing of tabsules without prohibitive investments or the risks of outsourcing production.

Additionally, ACG Associated Capsules - one of the world's leading manufacturers of hard capsules and a member of ACG Worldwide - also manufactures special capsule shells for Tabsule 40. These Tabsules are built in two cap portions specially designed to employ capillary action for dissolution in vivo.


  • Easy to swallow ensuring increased patient compliance
  • Masks unpleasant tablet odour and taste
  • Variety of colour combinations & printing opportunity on cap surface for distinct appearance
  • Conforms with cGMP guidelines
  • Proprietary technology and specialized development technology ensures it is difficult to counterfeit
  • To complement technology, ACG also offers special capsule shells