Legacy 6100 | Tableting Machine

MUPS | Multi Unit Particulate Systems

  • Maintain content uniformity
  • Avoid dissolution profile errors by minimization of pellets crushing
  • Maintain hardness and low friability

MUPS (abbreviation for Multi Unit Particulate Systems) are tablets consisting of pellets mixed with powders. They aid sustained release thereby reducing the risk of local irritation and toxicity, reducing inter and intra-individual variations in bioavailability due to minimized possibility of dose dumping and also reducing premature drug release vs. enteric coated dosage forms. On understanding various concerns regarding processing of these formulations, various equipment optimizations can be made on the Legacy 6100 to effectively increase yield, improve quality and provide a quick solution to challenges of compression.


  • Modified hopper
  • Optimized feeder and feeder base
  • Equal distribution of load across compression zone
  • Increase in yield over current systems